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2008-03-31 17:31:43 by lilscientist

I fucking hate blogging... wait a minute....

Many people think that violence is "cool" or you act violent to look like the rest of the crowd. Violence may seem this way now, but being violent when you're grown up can get you into a lot of trouble. I know i may be young but i don't think i'm leading a very good life for someone to look up to. My father has had 2 heart attacks now and continues to drink and be an overall irresponsible parent. When i tell him to stop he always says that he will some day. He has done a good job steering me away from alcohol by making jokes about it or just bringing up some bad effects of it while we're alone driving to town or something. For instance, we saw this guy acting like a retard in the parking lot and my dad yelled to him "lay off the grog, dumbshit!" and me and dad just laughed the way into the store. He is a good person when he's sober but can be quite the arrogant dick when he's intoxicated. My point in general, just because everyone else is doing it, doesn't mean you have to.

ok who the fuck

2008-02-12 21:38:07 by lilscientist

Which faggy mod deleted my topic now? I'd fess up douchebags i won't hold grudges...


2008-02-05 18:19:10 by lilscientist

Banned for talkin about torrents and piracy... Oh well its only 5 days and im not on most of the time so it wont really affect me that much.

and 1 year after...(shaved)

if the world is a giant slice of pizza, would everyone take a bite?

I wonder...

2008-01-30 17:18:51 by lilscientist

Half day tomorrow which kicks ass. eres a pic of me before

I wonder...

God damnit

2008-01-26 15:11:46 by lilscientist

For some reason when i upload a header it says it's been uploaded, but i go to my account and the same shitty STFU NOOB thing is still there. Newgrounds is starting to piss me off.

EDIT: Nevermind... just took a while to load.

God damnit

Tourettes Guy

2007-09-11 16:05:20 by lilscientist

The tourettes guy, Danny, has recently died. He was a marvel to everyone.Youtube's Tourettes Guy



2007-09-11 15:57:32 by lilscientist

I have recently quit WoW and i feel relieved. Hells god damnit ive been trying to find you its me,